Center Hole Float Buoys-fltb002


Made from a special blend of plastics, available in orange, green, yellow, and red. the floats can withstand heavy blows and high pressure. The material from which they are made is the best on the market. Produced under strict quality control which ensures maximum strength and a long life. Produced in various sizes and types and are suitable for most pearl farming conditions.


φ6" or  152mm 0.30KGS 17mm 2.00KGS 8MTRS 100MTRS
φ7" or  175mm 0.46KGS 18mm 2.50KGS 8MTRS 100MTRS
φ8" or  200mm 0.60KGS 22mm 4.00KGS 8MTRS 150MTRS
φ8" or  200mm 1.00KGS 22mm 3.50KGS 12MTRS 600MTRS
φ9" or  225mm 0.85KGS 22mm 4.50KGS 12MTRS 200MTRS
φ10" or  250mm 1.00KGS 22mm 7.80KGS 4MTRS 80MTRS
φ10" or  250mm 1.15KGS 22mm 7.50KGS 12MTRS 200MTRS
φ10" or  250mm 1.70KGS 22mm 6.20KGS 20MTRS 500MTRS
φ11" or  280mm 1.25KGS 25mm 10.50KGS 3MTRS 80MTRS
φ11" or  280mm 1.45KGS 25mm 10.00KGS 12MTRS 200MTRS
φ11" or  280mm 2.30KGS 25mm 8.80KGS 18MTRS 500MTRS
φ12" or  300mm 1.60KGS 25mm 12.50KGS 2MTRS 80MTRS
φ12" or  300mm 1.88KGS 25mm 12.15KGS 12MTRS 200MTRS


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