Mainline Rope-frp001

Manline  rope  is  generally used as the longline  of  the  both  the  continuous and  single dropper growout  methods.This  rope  is  made  of a  mixture  of  black  embossed  polypropylene  and polyethylene which gives  it high strength and allows it  to  float. Also treated with a  UV stabilizer  to help protect the  rope from UV damage. Has high abrasion resistance (both internal and external) which  is  important  because   as the  buoys move up and down  on the water,the mainline bends and flexes.Its material  of  black embossed polypropylene and polyethylene gives it high strength and allows it to float. It is treated with a  UV  stabilizer  to  help  protect the rope from light damage.AquaSteel is made from high tenacity polypropylene/polyethylene mix.

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